Now Scotland’s largest Kung Fu school, and a returning customer.

Project Overview

Yee’s Hung Ga reached out to us with the aim to make their website more accessible to new visitors, while at the same time catering to experienced kung fu practitioners. We were tasked with producing a solution that could present more content, without overwhelming first time visitors.


To make the website more attractive to new visitors.

To encourage returning visitors.

To develop new content for both visitor groups.


With mobile visitor numbers sky-rocketing, Yee’s Hung Ga were happy to approach the design thinking of mobile first.

Palette & Typography

Yee’s Hung Ga’s fierce red and yellow colours lend themselves well to the digital medium. We decided to use them, and developed subtle, rugged, textures to give the website a traditional, solid feel.

Dederon Sans (for headlines) works in concert with Cronos (for text) to create a solid reading experience, with a traditional feel. The impression of calligraphic elegance carried by both fonts is meant to echo that of Chinese hanzi.

Cronos is a new sans serif typeface family that embodies the warmth and readability of oldstyle roman typefaces. [...] Cronos has an almost handwritten appearance, setting it apart from most other sans serif designs and making it an effective choice for text composition.


Header background for Yee’s Hung Ga Edinburgh.

Content Strategy

To figure out which types of content we needed to develop, we interviewed both new and old practitioners. This helped us create a template that would inform the information structure of the website. Armed with this template, several new pages were added to the developer document, and each had an immediate impact on how visitors spent their time on the site when published.


A page that was developed after interviewing new members of the school.