Project Overview

Walker Slater called us up asking about an new website, to better communicate their brand identity, and to promote Scottish Tweed to a wider audience.

They wanted a website that catered to the modern user, looking to embrace the future rather than the past.


To design a new website, updating the brand with a new colour palette and typography.

To build and integrate an eCommerce platform with the company at large, educating staff in Magento, WordPress, and SEO.


A flexible eCommerce solution, using Magento, WordPress, and responsive templates.


Walker Slater wished to convey that they are a seasonal brand, and wanted to be able to change the feel of their website with ease. By leaving the imagery room to breathe, the products speak for themselves. Thus, we opted to keep the site’s colour theme light and non-intrusive.


Performance Optimization

Both Magento and WordPress are performance intensive Content Management Systems. As mobile platforms are a high focus for any project, we were presented with the challenge of making sure we only delivered what was absolutely necessary to each platform.

We worked carefully to minimize bloat in Magento, concatenating and optimizing scripts, and chose intelligent picture elements to only deliver images as large as they are needed. Animations were kept to a minimum, as they tend to be slow on smaller devices. Average page delivery speed went down from 2s to 0.4s.

On the server side, to keep things running smoothly, we resorted to Varnish. It has has an incredible impact on page load speeds and overall website responsiveness when coupled with the mentioned platforms. Average server wait time went down from 3.5s to 0.5s, with all content loaded within 1-1.5s.

Palette & Typography

We developed a light pastel palette, taken from the rich colours found in tweed, and coupling it with Adobe Text Pro. Adobe Text Pro is a font family that conveys many attributes associated to tweed: a robust, yet timelessly elegant feel. This font, and tweed, has their heritage rooted in the same period of history.


  • Earty
  • Robust
  • Elegant
  • Artisan
  • Crafts
  • Honest



Walker Slater wished to publish products, articles, and galleries on their new website. We agreed to use a combination of Magento and WordPress, enabling a very flexible solution for publishing a wide range of content. Being well supported platforms, they come with the benefit of being easily extensible for future requirements.


A row of products from the Walker Slater site.