Project Overview

Reindeer Antiques wanted a clean, stylish, and modern new site to replace their outdated gallery. The request was straight forward: a fresh look and improved way of displaying beautiful old pieces of furniture.


To improve the way antiques were browsed and displayed.

To update the brand with a new colour palette and typography.


A design catering to all types of web capable devices.

Palette & Typography

The palette for the website was taken directly from their logo, to keep the site in line with established branding. A screen friendly typeface, with pose lent to it from ages past, was chosen.

Adobe Text bridges the gap between calligraphic Renaissance types of the 15th and 16th centuries and high-contrast Modern styles of the 18th century, taking many of its design cues from early post-Renaissance Baroque transitional types cut by designers such as Christoffel van Dijck, Miklós (Nicholas) Kis, and William Caslon. While grounded in classical form, Adobe Text is also a statement of contemporary utilitarian design, being well suited to a wide variety of print and on-screen applications.


  • Antique
  • Elegant
  • Refined

Colour palette and typeface for Reindeer Antiques.


When we started working with Reindeer Antiques, we quickly realized that visitors would need an intuitive way of browsing antiques beside regular furniture categories, and suggested that they should be browsable by period. The idea was received well, and browsing antiques by period quickly became a popular way for collectors to view the catalogue.


Browsing antiques by period.

Custom CMS

Reindeer Antiques uses our custom built CMS, InSitu, a modular solution where you get the exact functionality you’re after in an intuitive shell.


A pair of antique chairs on Reindeer Antiques.